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Program Name Modern concepts inspired by national treasures

Being one of world’s four largest museums, the National Palace Museum in Taipei houses over 670,000 pieces of art treasures. In view of the government’s efforts in promoting the cultural creativity industry in recent years, the National Palace Museum (NPM) has introduced a series of uniquely designed souvenirs with concepts derived from its artifacts. These products successfully created added-value to the historical artworks and benefited the cultural creativity industry.
An abundant collection of artifacts and research background blended with traditional craftsmanship and modern-day technology, these splendid contemporary souvenirs have long been NPM’s best-selling products. Cashing in on the modern day technology and globalizing trend, the National Palace Museum is actively engaged in collaborating with international designer brands, globalizing and promoting Taiwan’s cultural and creative industry. Building creativity on its ancient root, the National Palace Museum is not only a treasure trove of Chinese history but also a center of Taiwan’s cultural creativity industry. Let legacy soar with innovation. Through these designed souvenirs, history becomes a part of everyday life and can be appreciated in the form of art.